The Festival celebration gives us a medium to provide a forum for exploring environmental and community issues. At the same time the Festival is a fun day in the park, with music, entertainment and food.

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As the not-for-profit group Urban Earth, we hope to:

  • Showcase and encourage the efforts towards Troy's revitalization.
  • Highlight the ways urban citizens can leave a small environmental footprint and live sustainable lifestyles.
  • Promote the efforts of Troy's environmental community groups.
  • Entertain folks in informal and unusual ways in the open air of Troy's Riverfront Park.
  • Host an event that appeals to folks from all walks of life.

Urban Earth is collection of former students of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. We feel that the experience of having lived in Troy enhanced our university learning and individual growth. This experience provides the motivation to give something back to the region. We hope to expand over time to hold similar events in cities throughout New England and New York.




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