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Groups and Organizations:


  • Jamie Banister and friends - Boston Area
    A musical blend of jazz and funk

  • Bedlam Well - Boston Area
    melodic rock infused with funk jam.

  • DJ Jack Justice - Schenectady, NY
    Spinning hiphop and dance music. to get you moving

  • HoneyCreeper - Troy, NY
    Many styles can be heard in this four piece band of all original music.

  • Cavanaugh & Kavanaugh
    Traditional folk, Irish, Old Timey
    (518) 463-7103

Street Theatre:

  • A circus by the people, of the people, for the people. Strange humor, giant puppets, politics, green living, and genuine grit.
  • FEATURED PERFORMANCE: "Dance of the PCBs": A modern fable of malevolent chemical compounds, pudgy-faced CEO types, heroic fishermen, and the archetypes of forest and rivers. Humor, cartharsis, special dances and fishies galore!

Puppets and Huff


  • Mary and George Baker - Award Winning Cloth Dolls and Wood Scupture
    Showing at the Ilium Building, Studio 223
    406 Fulton St. Troy, NY
    For appointment call 518-235-8297

Jugglers, Hecklers, Assorted Fools:

  • Craig Staub - Juggling, slight of hand

  • The Registry of Fools

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